Who We Represent

GSG, Inc. offers the following services:

Filament Winding Equipment – offering the highest quality computer controlled filament winding machines on the market today from CNC Technics. The winding machine computer control system uses the Siemens 840D or 802D. This is an off-the-shelf computer control system from Siemens with world-wide support. The filament winding machine also uses brushless servo motors, motor controllers and cables exclusively from Siemens. The off-line pattern development software for generating winding patterns can be CADWIND from Material S.A. or Cadfil from Crescent Consultants. On-site training and full turnkey systems.

Pultrusion Equipment – offering low cost, high quality pultrusion machines from Ashirvad Industries including dies, creel stands, roving guides and performs, resin bath or injection die, flying cut-off saw, mat slitting equipment, etc. On-site training and full turnkey systems.

Technology Transfer – offering affordable technology transfer, know-how, factory layout, factory start-up, testing, approval process, etc. for CNG (natural gas) cylinders, LPG (propane) cylinders, pipes, tanks and other composite parts.

Airbond-GTW Developments Ltd. – offering a high quality and durable fiber and yarn splicer. The Airbond splicer is simple, easy to use and maintain. It is built for production environments. It has very few parts so can be disassembled and reassembled in a minute. Few parts allow very low maintenance.

Lynco Grinding, Inc. – offering a wide range of mandrels including oval, rectangle, square, diamond, rhomboid, hexagon and octagon shapes. Mandrel material can be steel or aluminum with a wide range of surface treatments. The highest quality mandrels on the market today.

Material S.A. – offering CADWIND pattern development software for filament winding. The CADWIND pattern development software will work on almost ANY computer controlled filament winding machine on the market today. Material S.A. also offers complete engineering services and prototypes for filament winding projects.

MJC Engineering & Technology, Inc. – offering CNC metal spinning equipment, metal spinning engineering and technology, specialty machinery, machine retrofits, and complete field service support.